Case Study

Case Study

One of the strengths of In.Deco Serigrafia is the dynamism in understanding the needs of its customers, always finding printing solutions to suit their demands. Here are some examples of projects carried out.

We have included them in the Case Study section because it is the combination of different printing techniques that allowed their realisation.

Thanks to our specialised technical staff, we often change our production lines to fit the product to be created.


Carolina Herrera Perfume – Good Girl Velvet Fatale (Shoe-shaped packaging).

Processing: Bormioli Luigi, a leading company in the processing of glass containers, requires us to decorate a packaging with high quality standards.
His end customer, the Carolina Herrera brand of Puig Group, annually develops products that must have characteristics of innovation especially decorating techniques. In this specific case, the fragrance always remains the stress and the attention is then turned to the decoration of the packaging.

Problems: The problems we had to face in this particular case were:

  1. high quantity, over 350,000 items; these should be produced in a very short time, with a very special packaging, it is a limited edition product;
  2. presence of a legal text on the bottom of the shoe. The legal texts on the products are texts that should not be removed easily;
  3. very tight times to perform tests, tests and decoration;
  4. we should provide a process that guarantees the overcoming of all the tests for resistance and sealing, which in the perfumery sector are very strict;
  5. an appropriate packaging that guarantees the safety of the product both during transport (with destination Spain), and during the last stages of packaging (perfume filling)

Solutions: we thought of a highly innovative production line that did not exist on the international market; it has been developped thanks to a team of experts, consisting of an external mechanical supplier, our internal mechanical technicians and our decades of experience in flock decoration. An ad hoc line able to produce packaging with both full and decorative flock.
In the end we managed to develop, automate and put all these operations in a single line:

  • glue coating
  • flock pulverization
  • drying in the oven
  • final cleaning of the piece that removes excess hair
  • final discharge of the finished piece

But as we said, we also had to think about the legal text. In this case we had to study an alternative solution, as it is generally a decoration that is done with techniques such as screen printing, pad printing or other work, but not flocking.

The solutions cited together with the flocking would not have been 100% compliant, both as a seal and resistance, in this way we would have had the risk that the legal text would not have lasted over time.

After several attempts we opted for a laser that removes the hair with a laser and engraved the legal text directly into the flock, this avoided the possible application of a label that could be removed just like the other decorative techniques.

The constant collaboration with our glass supplier customer, Bormioli Luigi, has allowed us to respect the delivery times: from the first contacts, to the production only 7 months have passed, a race against time if we think about the operations of adjustment of our lines for such an innovative project..

Furthermore, the perfumery sector requires that processing meets requirements such as:

  • 24 hour spray test
  • immersion test
  • abrasion test
  •  and others that seemed to be too severe for the flock

Through a study on the different types of glues, which we could try and, with a specially designed process together with our client Bormioli Luigi, we found a mix that could withstand the tightness tests required by the end customer.

The last but not least, Bormioli Luigi has specially designed a packaging that allows the processed products to complete the production phases, such as transport in Spain and filling the perfume in line without causing problems.

The resistance of the decoration, together with the packaging, allowed the products to be filled in an automatic line. This was equally important if we think about the final savings it has generated.

Developments: Considering that the company Bormioli Luigi and the Carolina Herrera group have won the first prize at Luxepack Monaco 2018 for the best innovation in the packaging coating, it can be said that all the efforts made have been rewarded and recognized.

This award is bringing great visibility to the flock decoration, finally overcoming all those opinions that considered it a technique of decoration that did not guarantee resistance (the hair does not come off) and, that it was possible, only with low volumes at prices not advantageous.

This award demonstrates that flocking can be done with large runs, with adequate costs, ensuring a workmanship of the highest quality and unparalleled aesthetic result.

Sincere thanks to the Bormioli Luigi company for choosing us, but even more for the consistency and commitment we have put together to create a unique product.

Even the images in the gallery have been kindly granted by the project managers of Bormioli Luigi.






TECHNIQUE: 4-sided pad printing and final UV protection varnishing

L’Oréal Balmain lipstick

Processing: the famous lipstick is composed of two parts, a cap and the central body both with a square base.
The intense black color is obtained thanks to the double passage of a very covering black pad printing, on all 4 sides, as initially the piece is gold metallized.
On one of the four sides of the hood we made the Balmain logo in negative, highlighting the color gold of the lower layer in contrast with the black of the object.
In order to make everything more shiny at the end, a transparent UV varnishing treatment is carried out, which gives three-dimensionality and homogeneity to the whole packaging.

Problem: first the print on all four sides, the cap and the base have some convex sides and some dug, the tampon leans differently on a convex rather than concave surface.
In addition to this, the graphic to be realized had straight lines: on a non-homogeneous surface, the tampon can deform, not guaranteeing perfectly the yield in print.
The second difficulty was the coverage of black. On the lower layer we had a gold metallization that one did not have to glimpse at all. We have solved through two bars of the same buffer, black and still black to have full, correct and precise coverage.
The final UV painting is the third difficulty. Very precise, nobody dirty or smeared, because the product is premium-quality.

To ensure high productivity we have automated loading and unloading (we are talking about 6 millions of pieces).
Finally, on the varnishing line, we performed the transparent UV varnishing, which gives it three-dimensionality and homogeneity to the whole packaging.

Solution: the endowment of machineries that perform the four processing advances on the four sides, in automatic line, helped us to make a single pass in the machine with 4 pads different, including in this specific case the realization of the double bar / double pass.
Developments: Research on the tampon and its deformations, but above all the use of new inks blacks and special clichés that we have identified as excellent, to obtain this high coverage, there will allow us to solve problems that until today were unthinkable.
We are therefore ready to use these new know-how in the future, to guarantee the customer’s performance
always better.The pictures listed down are those of the case study.

The pictures listed down are those of the case study.







TECHNIQUE: The multi-color processing technique

Trousse Flash and Mascara Rocket Rock ‘n’doll and false lashes

Process: The multi-color processing technique focuses heavily on the aesthetic appearance of the product with strong fluo colors. This is because the customer needs to be recognized on the market in an attractive and different way among the many brands present with the same product.

In the object, the challenge of the project, with this decorative design, was carried out with a great graphic development work to achieve the shades (more or less strong), combined with six color passages with the tampography machine.

Problem: The complexities of the projects are shades and different covering parts.

In the trousse, the insertion of white flash on an intense color and mascara in brightly colored textures prompted us to use UV silk screen printing because it deposits a lot of ink and is more widespread.

Solution: due to the ability to own many different machinery and technologies, we are able to cope with any kind of processing problem.

Developments: the development has come from a great research effort carried out on: tampons, tools, equipment, press systems and important graphic development.

Our technicians’ knowledge of all these situations surely helps us to make the difference and to satisfy all the demands, even the most strange and difficult.


The pictures listed down are those of the case study.








Caps for mascara and lipsticks

Process: The technique is glittering with different glitter sizes and colors.

It is requested in the world of cosmetic and it has been really successful since last year, both in the high end brands and in the mass market world.

Problem: The real problem of this kind of work is in its intrinsic limits, since sometimes the idea of ​​the customer is not technically feasible, and for this reason finding a synergy between the different end customer requests and the real feasibility of the project is necessary in these cases.
This kind of glittered effect is widely used and known in other areas. The difficulty of companies like In.deco is to be able to reproduce these particular effects, even in the fascinating world of cosmetics and perfumery.

Solution: Thanks to the collaboration with the big buyer brands, we have succeeded in combining a major research and development work:
glitter sizes, amount of spray, paint nozzles to use, most specific guns and the most suitable paints.
Only in this way it was possible to obtain a perfect result and in line with the requests.

Developments: this glittered system already on the market in other compartments is highly sought-after, as already mentioned, both from big and small brands, with the demand for ad-hoc solutions.
Research and development have been crucial to achieve the result, and today it is possible to achieve glitter effect at low cost and industrial costs.

The images listed down are those of some of the latest work done with glitter and other techniques and materials.








Glass bottle for air freshener and eau de toilette

Processing: transparent green painting on neutral glass + logo hot printing + bearer nuances pad printing

Issue: the customer wanted to have a luxury product, in which the logo reflected all its range. The exigency was to give the packaging an elegant base effect playing on the metalized mirror gold, which is very popular in the niche perfumery. The idea was to reproduce the mark, represented by a bear in a three-dimensional way, underlined the fur and the face of the mammal.

Solution: in order to obtain everything requested, we have used two typologies of techniques in addition to green painting and hot printing of the logo. On these, we applied the pad printing technique, using brown color to better paint the fur and the details of the nose and ears. In this way, we were able to create the requested three-dimensionality with the metallic effect.

Developments: we used more than one technique to obtain the goal of the customer. After many tests, (the hot printing does not have a three-dimensionality because is a metallic film), we were able to give it a real aspect which will allow us the same realization for future projects, even for screen printing. We are one of the fewest societies which can have a hot printing applying a metallic mirror film on a painting, because we have created a method which allows us to decorate painted glasses too.

 Shown below images of the last works made with the Hot printing effect








Plastic mascara for makeup. Lancôme Show 2013

Processing6 colours registered pad printing, in a single cycle (plastic).

Issue: The customer was looking for a company able to customise their conical and cylindrical packaging.
y printing on all the mascara (4 sides in two colours), for millions of pieces at low prices.

Solution: InDeco purposely purchased a new line to automatically process the request.

Research and development, before and during production,were essential to achieve the required result.
All carried out at industrial costs and in less time

Developments: Lancôme is pursuing another similar project, and others are being studied.

Shown below images of the last works made with the Pad Printing effect








Processing: UV metallization with iridescent effect on black plastic.

Issue: the customer wanted to obtain a solution of decorum with iridescence.

This particular process allows for a given object a rainbow effect, that is, the possibility to view all the colors of the chromatic scale according to how it is exposed to light.
Although it becomes more popular in the world of perfumery and cosmetics, decoration with iridescence is difficult to reproduce by simply varnishing the object.

Solution: to obtain the iridescent effect we opted for the UV metallization. The printing process involves the use of a set of different metals. After this first phase there is that of the covering the final object with the transparent finish.

Iridescent metallization can be completed with one of our decorations (such as screening or pad printing).

Developments: the iridescent effect can also be used in the beverage industry, on small objects and various materials including plastics: caps, mascara packaging and small manufactured bottles with complex techniques such as glitter varnishing.

UV metallization with iridescent effect is very successful in the mass market to catch the consumer’s eye and be able to sell the product.

Shown below images of the last works made with the UV Metallization effect








Plastic pencil for lips

Processing: UV screen printing in two colours applied to black plastic

Issue: The customer wanted to apply two colours on a lip pencil using UV screen printing: the white texts and a band of colour corresponding to the lipstick.
The first difficulty was the collection of lip pencils, consisting of about 20 colours very similar to each other. The customer wanted that each colour of the lipstick was reported accurately outside the pencil to make it recognizable to customers that purchased. The difficulty to be overcome was that of having a very marked on the opacity of the black lip pencil.
The second difficulty was related to the texts that were to be printed with a covering white colour;
this is a finish very hard to have on a black base.
The last difficulty was both quantitative and qualitative: the printing of lip pencils amounted to about 3 million pieces.

Solution: we took the colour samples provided by the customer and we have shown them on the palm of the hand, noticing the visual effect they would have on their lips. In this way the colours shown on the outside of the lip pencil are more realistic than faithfully reproduced samples.

During the production, we used a new system requiring several steps, without departing from the production line of the UV screen. This allowed to obtain a much more effective covering on piece, with best results aesthetically and the advantage of being able to mask the conjunction which usually is highlighted in the printing of coloured bands.

Given the high number of pieces commissioned by the customer, we choose to print on both sides of a long lip pencil longer twice normal, then we cut it in half and get two pieces. In this way we have halved the production time.

Developments: This new printing system was subsequently used for other customers who had similar needs: obtain stamps using very covering UV screen printing and at the same time with an excellent definition of the texts.

Shown below images of the last works made with the UV Screenprinting effect








Sublimazione 3D oggetto del desiderioCandleholder (for issues of confidentiality we can not publish the object of desire)

Processing: three-dimensional sublimation of a painted and flocked glass at the bottom.

Issue: The customer wanted to decorate the glass, with the inspiration from the Tuscan potteries made by hand and their bright colours. To create these aesthetic effects on a glass, the only possible technique was the 3D sublimation. The client wanted that internally the glass was gold-coloured and in the lower part he wanted to have a surface that did not damage the support surface below.

Solution: We initially painted the glass with gold paint in order to make this colour visible in the glass. The second coat of white paint was necessary to make the 3D sublimation on glass.

Only after the phase of white paint we arranged for the 3D sublimation, faithfully reproducing the graphic design of the customer characterized by both bright blue and red colours.

During this phase we studied the technical measures to avoid that you notice the conjunction of the two sublimation film.

The last phase consisted in the covering of the bottom of the glass with the full flocked, long-haired and red-coloured. This is both to add a further aesthetic effect and to avoid that the base of the glass damaged the underlying surface.

Developments: This type of work was very successfully, so much to realize two other versions of 3D sublimation on the glass, always inspired by the decorations of Tuscan ceramics.

In the field of candles, especially those related to the world of perfumery, 3D sublimation is currently very popular.

Shown below images of the last works made with the 3d Sublimation effect









Bottle and black plastic cap

Processing: Full flocked purple-coloured effect on the bottle and black plastic cap.

Issue: The customer wanted to create a flocked effect to cover entirely both the cap and the bottle. The requests were specific: to obtain a velvety effect, with a tactile sensation much clearer than traditional flocking used to cover lines and special decorations. The customer also called for a perfect cover of the bottle and cap with a purple flock.

Solution: We had studied an ad hoc solution for this type of full flock. In particular, we used the same glue for traditional flocking but with a different density, in order to be uniformly vaporized on the object. The process of proper flocking has been realized only after this step.

We used longer flocks than those used in the flocking for the decorations, in order to obtain a flocking with an obvious velvety effect to the touch.

Developments: Today the flock together with the glitter, is one of the most demanded techniques both in the cosmetic world and in perfumery.

Developments of the full flocking are both aesthetic and functional. Aesthetic, as the flock allows to obtain decorations for the embellishment of the objects. Functional, because it can also solve some practical aspects. The most typical example is that of the glass with a flocked bottom: in this case the contact with the underlying surface will reduce the risk of scratches on the surface.

Shown below images of the last works made with the flock effect









Processing: glitter champagne-coloured effect on a half sphere (plastic material).

Issue: The customer asked for the realisation of a glitter effect capable of covering a half-sphere top of black plastic, entirely. The requests of the customer were specific: to obtain a champagne colour and a smooth surface to the touch, maintaining at the same time the typical brilliance of glitter. These requests involved some difficulties linked to the characteristics of the glitter and to the processing of this material.

Solution:The first problem regarded the champagne colour requested by the customer. We made some attempts in the laboratory in order to achieve the desired colouring. This happened by mixing different colours of glitter among which gold, silver and sand. To cover the base surface entirely, we splashed different sizes of glitter on the half-sphere.

The other problem was how to make smooth glitter to the touch, because normally is very rough, and how to obtain a polished effect in order to highlight the brilliance of glitter. In order to have these, we treated the half-sphere with a first UV varnishing, followed by a phase of splashing of the glitter and by a second coat of varnishing

Developments: Today the glitter together with the flock is the most demanded technique both in the cosmetic world and in the perfumery. Thanks to glitter, we can obtain different effects such as soft effect and various types of colouring. The glitter can be applied on glass, plastic and metal, always obtaining excellent colour fastness.

The other peculiarity of the glitter signed by In.Deco is that decorations can be printed on this surface. For example, on a glitter top we can pad print a logo, and on a bottle of mascara we can print a screen printing. This is possible thanks to the decorable polished finishing which allows other consecutive prints.

Shown below images of the last works made with the glitter effect








Cabaret – Mascara

Processing:  Black flock, with a black registered UV screen printing without mechanical research marking (plastic).

Issue: Bottle and top to be screen printed and registered flocking with a lace patternThe hardest part of the whole process was the missing mechanical centring of the object.

Solution: The research department of InDeco has conceived a new method to get around the missing centring, generating immense added value and obtaining a tactile effect much appreciated on the market.

Developments: Flocking of other similar projects, without mechanical research marks.




Grappa ZANIN – Amarcord miniature 250cc bottles

Processing: UV coating in 10 different colours, gloss, matt and metallic colours with 5 colours registered pad printing, in a single cycle with 10 graphic designs (glass).

Issue: Producing 10 different coloured miniatures, as requested by the customer. Starting from the plastic tops already coloured, reproduce the same colour on glass and the decoration in 5 colours to faithfully recreate the graphic design: the logo at the top with the Italian flag, the inscriptions and decorations.

Solution: Through advanced technologies InDeco has succeeded to carry out the project, industrialising it, with high quality and low costs. It should be emphasised that at the Mediastars Awards 2013 the packaging of AMARCORD by ZANIN obtained first prize in the “Limited Edition” packaging category section and equal second prize in the parallel packaging section.

Developments: Zanin has also produced 750cc bottles.




Moschino chic petals

Processing: Red UV coating with 1 white Pad printing and shiny gold hot stamping (glass).

Issue: Carrying out gold hot stamping on a totally irregular glass surface with sharp and clean rules for a high quality and prestigious brand.

Solution: Through a thorough study by the in-house technical department, InDeco managed to complete the work in three different formats with an innovative hot stamping technique: 30, 50, 100 mls.

Developments: Projects such as “Acqua di Parma” (on a cone shaped surface, naturally complicated).




Evoka glass bottles (orange, blue and red)

Processing: 5 colour UV coating / matt references, 3 colour UV gloss and matt screen printing (glass).

Issue: The customer was looking for a single supplier who could perform the matt UV coating and the 3 colour registered UV screen printing, without mechanical research marks.

Solution: InDeco managed to complete the job with a 3 colour UV screen printing line and a UV coating system. They produced the screen printing 3 colours on a single machine, a single step without ever leaving the piece to remedy the lack of mechanical marking, thus obtaining a high quality and high productivity product. Without this procedure it would have been impossible to complete the project..

Developments: More 3 colour projects (e.g.: plastic bottle for pharmaceutical company).




Physicians Pencils

Processing: A body in black ABS, metallised with a (very light) “gun metal grey” effect, UV Screen Printing and Hot stamping (plastic).

Issue: The customer was looking for a single supplier for plastic and decoration that could do all three of the processes and the assemblage.

Solution: Thanks to in-house processes, InDeco managed to do everything “full service”: purchase of plastic, metallic effect, screen printing, hot stamping and assembly.

Developments: The same method has been used many times, for other customers.