Sublimazione 3D oggetto del desiderio(for issues of confidentiality we can not publish the object of desire)

Processing: three-dimensional sublimation of a painted and flocked glass at the bottom.

Issue: The customer wanted to decorate the glass, with the inspiration from the Tuscan potteries made by hand and their bright colours. To create these aesthetic effects on a glass, the only possible technique was the 3D sublimation. The client wanted that internally the glass was gold-coloured and in the lower part he wanted to have a surface that did not damage the support surface below.

Solution: We initially painted the glass with gold paint in order to make this colour visible in the glass. The second coat of white paint was necessary to make the 3D sublimation on glass.

Only after the phase of white paint we arranged for the 3D sublimation, faithfully reproducing the graphic design of the customer characterized by both bright blue and red colours.

During this phase we studied the technical measures to avoid that you notice the conjunction of the two sublimation film.

The last phase consisted in the covering of the bottom of the glass with the full flocked, long-haired and red-coloured. This is both to add a further aesthetic effect and to avoid that the base of the glass damaged the underlying surface.

Developments: This type of work was very successfully, so much to realize two other versions of 3D sublimation on the glass, always inspired by the decorations of Tuscan ceramics.

In the field of candles, especially those related to the world of perfumery, 3D sublimation is currently very popular.

Shown below images of the last works made with the 3d Sublimation effect