Carolina Herrera Perfume - Good Girl Velvet Fatale (Shoe-shaped packaging)

Processing: Bormioli Luigi, a leading company in the processing of glass containers, requires us to decorate a packaging with high quality standards.
His end customer, the Carolina Herrera brand of Puig Group, annually develops products that must have characteristics of innovation especially decorating techniques. In this specific case, the fragrance always remains the stress and the attention is then turned to the decoration of the packaging.

Problems: The problems we had to face in this particular case were:

  1. high quantity, over 350,000 items; these should be produced in a very short time, with a very special packaging, it is a limited edition product;
  2. presence of a legal text on the bottom of the shoe. The legal texts on the products are texts that should not be removed easily;
  3. very tight times to perform tests, tests and decoration;
  4. we should provide a process that guarantees the overcoming of all the tests for resistance and sealing, which in the perfumery sector are very strict;
  5. an appropriate packaging that guarantees the safety of the product both during transport (with destination Spain), and during the last stages of packaging (perfume filling)

Solutions: we thought of a highly innovative production line that did not exist on the international market; it has been developped thanks to a team of experts, consisting of an external mechanical supplier, our internal mechanical technicians and our decades of experience in flock decoration. An ad hoc line able to produce packaging with both full and decorative flock.
In the end we managed to develop, automate and put all these operations in a single line:

  • glue coating
  • flock pulverization
  • drying in the oven
  • final cleaning of the piece that removes excess hair
  • final discharge of the finished piece

But as we said, we also had to think about the legal text. In this case we had to study an alternative solution, as it is generally a decoration that is done with techniques such as screen printing, pad printing or other work, but not flocking.

The solutions cited together with the flocking would not have been 100% compliant, both as a seal and resistance, in this way we would have had the risk that the legal text would not have lasted over time.

After several attempts we opted for a laser that removes the hair with a laser and engraved the legal text directly into the flock, this avoided the possible application of a label that could be removed just like the other decorative techniques.

The constant collaboration with our glass supplier customer, Bormioli Luigi, has allowed us to respect the delivery times: from the first contacts, to the production only 7 months have passed, a race against time if we think about the operations of adjustment of our lines for such an innovative project..

Furthermore, the perfumery sector requires that processing meets requirements such as:

  • 24 hour spray test
  • immersion test
  • abrasion test
  •  and others that seemed to be too severe for the flock

Through a study on the different types of glues, which we could try and, with a specially designed process together with our client Bormioli Luigi, we found a mix that could withstand the tightness tests required by the end customer.

The last but not least, Bormioli Luigi has specially designed a packaging that allows the processed products to complete the production phases, such as transport in Spain and filling the perfume in line without causing problems.

The resistance of the decoration, together with the packaging, allowed the products to be filled in an automatic line. This was equally important if we think about the final savings it has generated.

Developments: Considering that the company Bormioli Luigi and the Carolina Herrera group have won the first prize at Luxepack Monaco 2018 for the best innovation in the packaging coating, it can be said that all the efforts made have been rewarded and recognized.

This award is bringing great visibility to the flock decoration, finally overcoming all those opinions that considered it a technique of decoration that did not guarantee resistance (the hair does not come off) and, that it was possible, only with low volumes at prices not advantageous.

This award demonstrates that flocking can be done with large runs, with adequate costs, ensuring a workmanship of the highest quality and unparalleled aesthetic result.

Sincere thanks to the Bormioli Luigi company for choosing us, but even more for the consistency and commitment we have put together to create a unique product.

Even the images in the gallery have been kindly granted by the project managers of Bormioli Luigi.