Full flocking with laser marking on four sides

Full flocking with laser marking on four sides

Velvet perfume

Processing: Full flocking with laser marking of text and graphics on four sides.

Issue:Initially, our client requested another processing (screen printing, hot stamping) over flocking, which wasn’t technically possible.  

Solution: To further decorate the item we carried out laser marking of texts and graphics. Initially we sprayed glue all over the item, then processed for flocking, when flock hairs get stuck in the glue due to static electricity and finally sent it to the oven to fix it. The result? A fully flocked bottle, pleasing to the touch, visually outstanding and resistant.

We replaced the additional decoration that our client initially requested with laser marking technique: each side was processed with Arab-style graphics to remove flocking and show the glass. We engraved logo, legal texts and patterns on all four sides.

Developement: Laser marking on flock becomes versatile and gives resistance as we also did with the famous little shoe (Good Girl Velvet Fatale Perfume by Carolina Herrera) where we engraved legal texts on the bottom.
What does this combination of techniques guarantee compared to others? If you engrave glass you get maximum tightness and resistance, you can’t remove lasered texts because the material is engraved, an important feature that legal texts must have.

It is also interesting to evaluate that laser marking, besides being used to remove flock to show logos, decorations, texts and patterns, can also be applied in the same way on varnishing: selective removal of complex graphics and patterns on a fully varnished item, to get an amazing result also to us.