When a very simple neutral container becomes unique and irresistible

When a very simple neutral container becomes unique and irresistible

Matt white varnished bottle on glass (MATT), gold hot stamping and white flocking

Processing: matt white varnishing on glass (MATT), gold hot stamping and white flocking.

Issue: actual reproduction, on a neutral container, of a suggestive idea with a great human value of design based on the renewal of the ancient technique of Kintsugi, keeping as common denominator qualitative and resistance characteristics.

The word Rinascere (“reborn”), stronger as before with the contribution of everybody, related to the physical return to tradeshows after almost two years of lockdown and pandemic, was designed in May 2021.

Solution: easy! Combination of several techniques to accomplish a complex idea.

The end product, indeed, had to resemble the Japanese technique used for the repair of broken ceramic dishes, generally white, inserting liquid gold.

Thickness and three-dimensionality, that should reproduce the dish, are given by both white flock (as you can see in the pictures we tried to show, anyway the result is amazing, the flock doesn’t need to be colored to be amaze) and by some parts with matt white varnishing.

While instead, liquid gold, that as soon as it solidifies it allows to keep all the dish pieces together, is perfectly replaced and accomplished with a gold hot stamping.

Eventually, it’s right to point it out, that we carried out a pad printing of our logo on top of the cap as customization.

Important technical curiosity: hot stamping and flock decorations are all-round and centered one on each other, in this way every decoration and every container’s flock are always in the same position and in the same correct area. The floc is centered on hot stamping and every decoration is in its correct area.

Development: more and more often it happens that, together with our clients, we design a packaging that focus on the use of more than just a single printing technique, so that this way the wow effect of the end product is guaranteed.

This project is a proof of this: as you can see, it is possible to perform our techniques one on the other.

We would like to underlie that, flocking, if handled correctly, can also be made with bright colors, given the general prevalence of dark colors like black and burgundy, creating a beautiful aesthetic effect at the same time with a product that withstands to any endurance test.