The multi-color processing technique

The multi-color processing technique

Trousse Flash and Mascara Rocket Rock 'n'doll and false lashes

Process: The multi-color processing technique focuses heavily on the aesthetic appearance of the product with strong fluo colors. This is because the customer needs to be recognized on the market in an attractive and different way among the many brands present with the same product.

In the object, the challenge of the project, with this decorative design, was carried out with a great graphic development work to achieve the shades (more or less strong), combined with six color passages with the tampography machine.

Problem: The complexities of the projects are shades and different covering parts.

In the trousse, the insertion of white flash on an intense color and mascara in brightly colored textures prompted us to use UV silk screen printing because it deposits a lot of ink and is more widespread.

Solution: due to the ability to own many different machinery and technologies, we are able to cope with any kind of processing problem.

Developments: the development has come from a great research effort carried out on: tampons, tools, equipment, press systems and important graphic development.

Our technicians’ knowledge of all these situations surely helps us to make the difference and to satisfy all the demands, even the most strange and difficult.


The pictures listed down are those of the case study.