VARNISHING, glitter effect

VARNISHING, glitter effect

Caps for mascara and lipsticks

Process: The technique is glittering with different glitter sizes and colors.

It is requested in the world of cosmetic and it has been really successful since last year, both in the high end brands and in the mass market world.

Problem: The real problem of this kind of work is in its intrinsic limits, since sometimes the idea of ​​the customer is not technically feasible, and for this reason finding a synergy between the different end customer requests and the real feasibility of the project is necessary in these cases.
This kind of glittered effect is widely used and known in other areas. The difficulty of companies like In.deco is to be able to reproduce these particular effects, even in the fascinating world of cosmetics and perfumery.

Solution: Thanks to the collaboration with the big buyer brands, we have succeeded in combining a major research and development work:
glitter sizes, amount of spray, paint nozzles to use, most specific guns and the most suitable paints.
Only in this way it was possible to obtain a perfect result and in line with the requests.

Developments: this glittered system already on the market in other compartments is highly sought-after, as already mentioned, both from big and small brands, with the demand for ad-hoc solutions.
Research and development have been crucial to achieve the result, and today it is possible to achieve glitter effect at low cost and industrial costs.

The images listed down are those of some of the latest work done with glitter and other techniques and materials.