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INDECO SERIGRAFIA asks for advice from nature… and nature responds.

Feel Nature is a philosophy, a new way of decorating.

Nature provides for everyone – from the smallest object to the largest living being – clothes, an identity: always consistent, always elegant, very natural.

We at INDECO SERIGRAFIA want to dress your packaging with the same elegance that nature sets as an example, using the most innovative decorating techniques: painting with various effects, screen printing, pad printing, 360° flock effect, metallisation and hot stamping.

Our project will be marked by a symbol: a small green leaf which, combined with the INDECO SERIGRAFIA logo, will characterise our special productions, because we have been decorating for over thirty years and doing it well comes naturally to us.


INDECO Feel Nature. Decorating according to nature.



The Feel Nature project stems from one of the, often subconscious, requests we receive from customers: that of obtaining prints that are increasingly related to nature as regards colours, images and finishes.

So why not develop new decorations, taking inspiration from the world around us?

Modern INDECO SERIGRAFIA processing techniques allow us to decorate all kinds of packaging with colours, materials and nuances that seem to come straight from nature.

Seven Feel Nature finishes had been available during the year, the same number as our processes. These printing solutions will be designed to faithfully recreate a particular detail of nature.


#7 Hot Printing INDECO SERIGRAFIA: Decoration is seduction. 

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#6 Pad Printing INDECO SERIGRAFIA: The color you want. Where you want

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Pad-printing Indeco


#5 UV Metallization INDECO SERIGRAFIA: Cover, to discover

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#4 UV Screen Printing INDECO SERIGRAFIA: Naturall beauty

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#3 3D Sublimation: A spectacular union 

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#2 Flock INDECO SERIGRAFIA: A puff of colour and energy

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flock in.deco


#1 Glitter varnishing: We dress with stars your packaging

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#0 Teaser: INDECO SERIGRAFIA asks for advice from nature…and nature responds

Indeco Serigrafia Feel Nature2

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