Flock – Flocking

Flock – Flocking

INDECO printing is multisensory: colours, textures, reliefs and even scents. But only flocking can “change the skin” on any product improving the aesthetics while increasing its image value. Flocking transforms plastic, glass, metal, wood and many other materials, in sensory experiences able to differentiate products that are now very similar to each other.

Flocking is a process that allows to transfer, through an electrostatic field, synthetic fibres of different nature, diameter and length onto surfaces previously treated with an adhesive. The naturally uniform INDECO velvet effect, is only applied, with masterful prepressing and technological excellence, to the parts indicated in the graphic project, creating prestigious and inimitable finishes to “be seen and touched”.

Cosmetics, furniture, fashion accessories, gifts, glasses, beauty products, luggage, sports. Flocking has gained the favour of various sectors thanks to its application flexibility and its functional performance: anti-condensation, soundproofing, anti-scratch, anti-slip, anti-reflective.

But it is the unique beauty that makes it the must-have of the moment.


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Laser sur flock

Laser technology allows removing the outermost “layer “of a finish from a plastic or glass packaging; therefore you can obtain a complex graphics. 

In the case, for example, of a flocked item, laser marking removes indeed hairs and glue, showing the transparency of glass or the color of the underlying plastic; generally, it shows off the surface color of the item. 

The laser marking technique on a full flocking makes it possible to realize an endless number of graphics: this is a plus because flocking cannot be decorated with standard printing techniques, since decoration would not guarantee the minimum required grip.

This feature of laser is interesting from an aesthetic point of view, as well as from a practical point of view, if we think about the legal mentions that must be on flocked packaging.

For example, in our “Carolina Herrera Perfume – Good Girl Velvet Fatale (shoe-shaped packaging with heel)” case study, we lasered out the legal mentions, thus avoiding to add additional processing to the item, guaranteeing 100% legal texts.
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1 Automatic flocking line:

plan – elliptical – Round


Production capacity:
20.000 pz. total/die










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