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Terms and conditions of use
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1. Royalty
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2. Use Restrictions
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Distributing to third parties for profit, posting for profit, changes, processing in any shape or form, decompiling or any other similar means of copy and, in general, digitally storing are to be considered illegal and will be pursued under the applicable laws.

3. Disclaimer
All services and information provided and published by INDECO Serigrafia S.r.l. via the Site, including, but not limited to the information published on the Site, are provided and published “as is” without warranty of any kind.
INDECO Serigrafia S.r.l. does not supply any guarantee in relation to the services, not even for any malfunctioning of the Site and/or the software used thereon or obtained from it, wrong or missed notifications, interruption of service, for the accuracy, quality or nature of the information obtained through the services.
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4. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This Agreement and the relationship between the user and INDECO Serigrafia S.r.l. are governed by the Italian law. Failure of INDECO Serigrafia S.r.l. of exercising any right toward the user under this Agreement does not constitute any form of a waiver of such right. The right to pursue one’s right in relation to violations of this agreement falls after a year from the date on which the event that violated the law took place.

5. Duration of the Agreement
This agreement has no set time limit.

6. Limitation of Liability
INDECO Serigrafia S.r.l. is not responsible in any way, and therefore does not provide any guarantee as to the information, details and any technical inaccuracies or other nature that may be contained in this Site.
In relation to the foregoing, INDECO Serigrafia S.r.l. refuses any liability for any direct or indirect damage, of whatever nature and whatever form they may take, deriving from the use of this Site and/or the news and information contained therein.
The use of any information, data, statistics, content etc. published on this Site is entirely the user’s responsibility.
INDECO Serigrafia S.r.l. specifically declines any liability with regard to the accuracy or quality of the material obtained via this Site.
INDECO Serigrafia S.r.l. reserves the right to change and/or delete any type of information contained in this Site at any time and without notice.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1341, paragraph 2 of the Civil Code, you confirm that you have read carefully and specifically approve the covenants contained in previous articles about: art. 2 use restrictions; art. 3 limitations of liability INDECO Serigrafia S.r.l.; art. 4 disclaimer; art. 5 applicable law and jurisdiction; art. 6 duration of the agreement.