About us

About us

InDeco Serigrafia is a company that, with its 6,500 square metres, stands out in one of the most laborious areas in Lombardy, a few kilometres from Milan, dealing with an increasing number of customers.


It is a solid, organised structure ensuring that, from receiving an order up to its delivery, everything runs with industrial smoothness and full control of every processing stage.

InDeco Serigrafia shows all its human and technological potential.

50 qualified professionals assist the customer through every moment of the production process: from requirements to design, from technical analysis to graphic planning, from selection to colour development laboratory, from prototyping to putting large or small productions into process.
“Inside” InDeco Serigrafia, advanced technology and strict control procedures guarantee high quality to the unique creative freshness of Italian talent.
“Inside” InDeco Serigrafia, 30 years of experience and constant search for innovative solutions.

National and foreign partnerships, consolidated in the luxury sectors, are the reward for the mission of loyalty to the Made in Italy values that InDeco brings to the world of perfumery, cosmetics, design, food and beverages of the finest quality.