30 years’ experience provide technical skills, business skills and management expertise. But it’s the constant attention to the market, the inexhaustible desire to satisfy it that made InDeco Serigrafia a dynamic and ingenious company able to offer printing solutions for every need.

In strongly competitive sectors such as those of luxury goods, increasingly indispensable, InDeco Serigrafia has drawn energy from the changes, renewing itself and renewing the printing concept.

InDeco is not only UV screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, flocking, 3D sublimation, UV coating and UV metallisation. InDeco is an orchestra where each instrument plays its role for the best result possible: an integrated system of techniques and complementary technologies, synergistic and cutting edge.

Perfumery, cosmetics, hair care, design, food & beverage, are only some of the areas conquered by the all-Italian capacity to find quick solutions to any requirement.

In.Deco screen printing - Settori di attività

The “Made in Italy” love of beauty, attention to detail and passion for quality have exported InDeco skills worldwide and, in the digital age, led to rediscover the beauty of a product “to look at and touch”.

InDeco Serigrafia: nowadays the quality of products and services is a prerequisite, a customer’s fundamental right. It is a simple, tangible fact yet complex if it is not encoded in the industrial process with detailed procedures that ensure strict controls. Conforming to the UNI EN ISO 2859-1 standard has shaped the quality culture that distinguishes InDeco Serigrafia.

With InDeco Serigrafia’s quality assurance process, the customer has a central role and can be informed in real time where its merchandise is located or how many pieces have already been produced. The Customer has access to all the relating documentation and can participate in audits and attend the range boards interfacing its auditor with InDeco’s quality control. A culture, that of quality, which creates reliable and, therefore, lasting partnerships.

The Customer’s active participation in the company is supported by the internal technical departments which carry out the required corrections in real time, thus reducing production time and costs. Graphics, films and frames are produced in-house to ensure, from the beginning, the best production process and the highest customer satisfaction. 


– Checking incoming goods

– Original packaging integrity

– Artwork checking

– Checking printable areas

– Colour alignment

– Colour fastness

– Checking piece/print deformations

– Production monitoring

– Constant colour yield

– Operator’s visual inspection

– “GTI-MM1-MM2 grey camera” control

– Checking outgoing goods


A dream that becomes reality and a reality that exceeds any dream 

Understanding, determination and expertise are the solid foundations on which INDECO is based.

A company encompassing the freshness of a young business and the wisdom of those can lead it with expertise and professionalism.

More than 10 print and preprint services, cutting-edge technologies, a 4.000 sqm production area and 2.000 sqm warehouses. More than 750.000 pieces printed per day, 45 staff professionals and long-established consulting for research & development, marketing, image and communication strategies.

A full-cycle service that makes INDECO an ideal partner for small and large companies.


A good quality control is in the quality of a good control

Strict entry and exit controls and a production process constantly monitored are the basis of the quality guaranteed by INDECO.

Visual rendering, centering, chromatic correspondence and endurance are the main checks carried out by our specialized technicians.

Knowledge of materials, expertise and high-tech equipment are instead the tools that ensure an excellent, constant yield of our end product.

Thanks to the presence of a specific laboratory, we can ensure maximum compliance on any material thanks to Rubbing Tests, Barrel Tests and Taber Tests.  

All this belong to our project “INDECO total quality”.