Lancôme packshots with checkered decoration 2023

Lancôme packshots with checkered decoration 2023


Checkered flocking on a 100% mat painting, tone on tone, for an amazing Lancôme 2023 lipstick; an evolution compared to the full flock on the same ABS plastic pack of 2022 (Lancôme V22 lipstick).


  1. Study a coloration suitable for flocking and a mat painting that can be matched.
  2. A 100% mat painting is very delicate and easily damaged.
  3. Apply a flock on painting to get a tone-on-tone effect.   
  4. Get a decoration flock with an excellent definition of the chess lines.


Produce a new mix for the painting technique and a new solution for the flock application.

Lancôme Packshot V22 is a limited-edition lipstick with a full flock on ABS plastic pack, produced for Valentine’s Day 2022.

This product was created with the idea of being a very particular, captivating lipstick, especially on a tactile level. That’s the reason why we immediately thought that flocking could be the best solution, a technique that had never been used before for this kind of projects (flocking has easy dispersion).

We had to study a special glue and add some cleaning steps and a final unitary sorting in order to create a product fully free of residuals and at the same time of very high quality.

Therefore, we managed to present a solution that fully satisfied our customer and at the same time together we developed a special packing method: self-standing thermoformed items that prevent contact among products, so that the flock doesn’t undergo alteration and remains perfect.


This year, instead, for Valentine’s Day 2023, we “unlocked” an even more interesting and captivating level.

Lancôme Packshot 2023 is a lipstick, once again in limited edition, with a 100% mat painting at the base above which we applied a flocking with a checkered decoration.


This lipstick shows a 100% mat painting created with a new mix, designed to make the same painting more resistant and as mat as possible.

What’s more, we modified the flock application procedure, passing from a classic spray to glue deposition during silk-screen printing, following the chessboard pattern, resulting in the application of flock fibers.

These projects are intended for the Chinese market, a very demanding market from a quality point of view.