The art of screen printing: reproduction of details and images

The art of screen printing: reproduction of details and images

Dot screen printing, the process is a matte Pantone light grey paint application, followed by the application of a dot screen printing that reproduces the face of a sculpture.


The innovative technique adopted in this project was the combination of dot screen printing with a matte Pantone light grey paint. This approach enabled the reproduction of a sculpture’s surface with incredible detail through targeted ink application on a plastic piece. The precision of dot screen printing was crucial in capturing the delicate chiaroscuro of the original work, requiring considerable mastery in the art of screen printing.


Indeco’s desire to develop a sample demonstrating the potential of dot screen printing on a project originally conceived by L’Oreal posed unique challenges. The goal was to faithfully replicate the most famous sculptures on a plastic medium, a task traditionally entrusted to digital printing due to its ability to handle a wide range of colors.


Indeco overcame these challenges through the strategic use of dot screen printing, a method that allows varying the ink density applied through a finely worked frame. This process enabled the reproduction of the sculptures’ complex chiaroscuro effects with a single color, maintaining high visual quality.


The real breakthrough of this project was the ability to achieve an extraordinary visual effect, typically only obtained with the use of multiple colors, through a single pass of dot screen printing. This not only reduced production costs but also opened new possibilities in the field of artistic reproduction on non-traditional materials.