Formes de Luxe nr 126 September 2018

Formes de Luxe nr 126 September 2018

Carolina-Herrera-Good-Girl-Velvet-Fatale-Luigi-Bormioli-con-IndecoFormes de Luxe, defined by some as the most important trade magazine in luxury packaging makes us protagonists together with the company Bormioli Luigi, leader in the processing of glass containers.
Obviously, Bormioli Luigi received the award, but he wanted to mention us too, as Flock developers.
We are grateful to Bormioli Luigi for having wanted to share this prestigious award with us.


The magazine writes:

Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Velvet Fatale is taking it’s vamp status to a new level with its collector’s edition. The spray cap and metal heel remain the same as on the original flacon, but this time the bottle’s glass suface is entirely flocked in red, giving it a velvety look and feel.


The glassmaker says that this marks the first time that a glass bottle has been flocked automatically “on an industrial scale“. The legal text was laser engraved on the flocking.

We at Indeco tell you about the case study:
 Bormioli Luigi, a leading company in the processing of glass containers, requires us to decorate a packaging with high quality standards.
His end customer, the Carolina Herrera brand of Puig Group, annually develops products that must have characteristics of innovation especially decorating techniques…
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Even the images in the gallery have been kindly granted by the project managers of Bormioli Luigi.

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